How to Register:
  1. Complete a registration form for EACH participant (parent + daughter = 2 forms.)
  2. Submit only original signed forms. Include a check for $6 payable to "West Harris County AAUW/EYH" for each person OR visit to pay by credit card.
  3. Registration forms may be completed online, printed out, and mailed.
  4. Registration is not complete until we receive the signed permission slip and payment.
  5. No registrations will be taken at the door.
  6. Group registrations will be acknowledged by email when a group leader’s email address is provided as requested below.
Mailing Address:
  • West Harris County AAUW/EYH, PO Box 821125, Houston, TX 77282-1125
Registration Type Registration Date
Please check here if a parent (mom or dad) will also attend and has a separate registration form with payment of $6
Last Name First Name
School District School
Group Leader Group Leader Email
Home Phone Responsible Adult's Email
Ethnicity Teacher Led Group
Is English the language your family usually speaks at home? Is this your first EYH conference?
Session choices: Students will attend up to 4 sessions with a woman professional who works in one of the categories listed inside the brochure (medicine, engineering, etc.) Students, please choose a different letter for each category you want in each session. Our computer will make every attempt to assign you to your choices. If you do not make any choices, our computer will make them for you.
Parent and teacher sessions will be available on the day of the conference. Adults do not attend student sessions.

Breakfast and lunch: Everyone will receive breakfast and lunch at no extra cost. If you have special dietary needs, please bring a sack lunch.

Student Registration

Morning, Categories A-E:
1st Choice: 2nd Choice: 3rd Choice:
Afternoon, Categories J-N:
1st Choice: 2nd Choice: 3rd Choice:

Permission Slip

All ADULTS AND STUDENTS must complete the following permission slip.
Student forms must have the signature of a parent or legal guardian.
may(will) participate in the EYH Conference on Saturday, February 23, 2019. I understand that while in attendance she(I) will be asked to evaluate the conference. By attendance at this event, permission is granted to be filmed, videotaped, audio taped or photographed by any means, and full use of her (my) likeness, voice and words are granted without compensation.

Parent/Guardian Permission for Student
Legal Signature
Print Name
During the conference, I may be reached at (Phone)
If I cannot be reached in the event of an emergency, the following adult may act on my behalf:
Print Name
Phone Number

Adult Permission for Self
Legal Signature
Print Name
During the conference, I may be reached at (Phone)